Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET

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Important change in version 103.0.0

Version 103 removed JSON.NET as a dependency. Please read this and this.


var client = new RestClient("");
// client.Authenticator = new HttpBasicAuthenticator(username, password);

var request = new RestRequest("resource/{id}", Method.POST);
request.AddParameter("name", "value"); // adds to POST or URL querystring based on Method
request.AddUrlSegment("id", "123"); // replaces matching token in request.Resource

// easily add HTTP Headers
request.AddHeader("header", "value");

// add files to upload (works with compatible verbs)

// execute the request
IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);
var content = response.Content; // raw content as string

// or automatically deserialize result
// return content type is sniffed but can be explicitly set via RestClient.AddHandler();
RestResponse<Person> response2 = client.Execute<Person>(request);
var name = response2.Data.Name;

// easy async support
client.ExecuteAsync(request, response => {

// async with deserialization
var asyncHandle = client.ExecuteAsync<Person>(request, response => {

// abort the request on demand

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